Presidents come and go…you don’t turn your back on a friendly nation because you don’t like their leader. The far left in this country like our established parties are a joke.


He’s a fascist racist prick unlike any recent US President before him. So no he shouldn’t be welcomed at all


As opposed to decent politicians who take tough decisions…like no tax for the banks and not enough special classes in schools.


Chamberlain thought so too. Nonsense. Grow a pair.


Your the one talking nonsense comparing a mass murderer like Hitler to Trump


Trump called them “very fine people”


Every American president for years has been responsible for mass murderer in one way or another. We just dont like to consider things in that way. Who sells the most arms all over the world? Who arms the Israelis to murder Palestinians? Who kills farmers on hillsides using drones? Who is typically involved in more wars than any other nation? Trump is an unhinged, sex-abuser who is doing huge harm to the world. No country should let him in.


So ignore America until his term is up or he is impeached? I wonder would there be as much protest here if Putin or the Saudi Prince came for a visit because in the UK the Saudis were practically ignored.


Not relevant. That is like saying ‘teacher maybe I didn’t do my homework but what about John last week?’. Deal with the Trump issue first. We should not allow him in.


For a man who claims to vote independents you dont like independent

EDIT or may be Sean Gallagher is your kind of “Indepandand”


There is literally no one I would vote for at all right now. They’re all part of the same rotten tree. Spoiled ballot coming up it would seem.


Not a good week for the Donald. Approval rating falling. Manny looks like flipping. His get out of jail free Supreme Court nomination has been caught lying during his hearing and the dems look like taking congress as well as possibly the senate. The November elections are crucial.


This is really dragging on a long time. Can somebody wake me and tell me when the big bad Don is gone?


I know yea, taking forever, the best chance of something happening is aftef the November elections.


Poor chap can’t get away with anything these days.


He really is a shitehawk…


What an abhorrent “human being”


This could go in either or any political thread:

The pertinent question now is: what must we do?


This the same Varoufakis that did a runner when hard decisions had to be made.


Interesting synopsis of his time as Greece’s finance minister.

That’s actually a fascinating way of looking at it. The hard decisions had to be made, and someone had to make them, someone had to step into the breach and impose austerity because there is no other way. Joan Burton, we salute your strength of character, thank you.

Remarkable. If the majority believe that, which it seems they do, it’s game over. We are enslaved, period.