Le Pen’s lead is only in the first round. The polls to watch are the ones for the 2nd round run off. She’s losing to either probable opponet at the moment. That’s not to say she won’t win but would trust the French an awful lot more to not the do the stupid thing.


The gap is narrowing in the second round as well. If they elect her all bets are off for the EU.




True. But she won’t have a friendly parliament backing her though. NF won’t get anywhere near gaining control of it. Would make things extremely difficult for her potentially



Oooft some serious burn from Bernie


Imagine the clown who let Hillary beat him trying to give anyone a bit of stick


That’s one way of looking at it.

The other is he was shafted by DNC in order to allow Clinton win the nomination.

He might have had a better chance against Trump. Trump actually targetted the same disenfranchised voters that Sanders spoke to, but in a different way.


The elephant in the room here, which nobody seems to want acknowledge or even discuss is that large percentages of people in the west have genuine concerns with mass immigration.

The continuation of the left to throw temper tantrums, some of which Cillian O’Connor would be proud of, and not debate the issues that people are concerned about will continue to push more people towards more conservative leaders.

Make no mistake about it, Le Pen in France and Wilders in Holland are in strong positions to win their elections. If they do succeed what sort of Europe will we have then?

Listen, Trump is a madman and he’s certainly not a man of the people or a friend of the worker however he saw a gaping hole in politics where people were being bullied by the left and allowing discussion on immigration and jobs to be shut down. He probably couldn’t give a ■■■■ about immigration or the lack of manufacturing in the states. But he knows a lot of people do, and he’s giving them what they want.

The left have created this and they’ve lost a lot of support, myself included. From somebody who would have been left leaning up until about 18 to 24 months ago, I find myself being further and further disenfranchised by the left. That doesn’t mean I’d have voted for Trump but I sure as hell wouldn’t have voted for Hillary or Bernie for that matter.

Politics is so out of whack with normal everyday living. It’s time these issues were put out for debate and come up with reasonable solutions instead of having people afraid of being called racist, sexist, homophobic, insert slur here. This might facilitate sensible policies instead of constantly putting people’s differing opinions down and forcing them to hit the nuclear button and voting for Trump or Brexit or what’s likely to be Front Nationale in France


Le Pen will be walloped in the second round. Couldn’t win any of the councils last year despite doing well in the polls. A bit like SF. People talk about voting for them but in the end they don’t.

Wilders might do ok but no one else will go in with him. Hasn’t a chance of being Dutch PM.

Merckl is beginning to take the lead on migration.

Trump is a triumph of hype and bluster. It won’t last long. Four years max!!


8 months ago I’d have laughed off his chances of winning but if he gets through half of his promised policies it would be madness to write him off getting good another 4 years.

But if you’d listen to some of the loony lefties there won’t be another election in America


I don’t get all this Left talk BD?! I see little or no Left.


I’m not sure how that relates to what I posted.

On the left having f*cked everything up and created the space for Trump/ Brexit and Le Pen etc - I don’t see how it was the left. What we’ve had in ‘the West’ has been a socially liberal/ economically rightwing concensus for the past 15-20 years. New Labour, Obama, Bruton’s Labour, the EU and all the ‘left’ parties in that, none of them are leftwing. I mean, look around. All are in the centre and perhaps degrees towards the left - in the sense that Thatcher was technically left in comparison to Pinochet. But leftwing? In Ireland we talk of the hard-left, or the loonie left, these are people in the space Labour was 20 years ago, before they did what they did, i.e. became (acknowledged being?) middle-classed and moved accordingly.

Immigration played a huge part in the reaction to it all and gave us Brexit and Trump. But I don’t think the ‘liberals’ as described above, which I think is more accurate than saying the left, can acknowledge the reality. Which is that mass immigration was allowed not so we can feel better about helping the less well off in other countries but rather for economic reasons - cheap labour keeping wages down, and also to staff what the West’s economies have become, i.e. predominantly service industries. The amount of people with third level education in Ireland/ UK etc has exploded but what we need are people to work the shittier jobs - do you know how many Brazilians for example arrive here each year, to ‘study’ but actually just work the jobs an Irish person did 20 years ago but wouldn’t touch now? And that’s where the tension is in the UK and the US. Low paid, less educated peolple voted for Brexit and Trump, not because less educated = dumb racist motherfucker but because less educated = in direct competition for jobs with immigrants.

The liberals refused to face this reality, instead calling anybody who objected a racist. Then soon, the real racists got involved and reaped the reward.

The irony is, and you should read some of Sander’s stuff from the campaign if you haven’t already, that he identified, as far as I can tell, the issues and the causes of what was disenfranchising those voters. We might have seen two ‘outsiders’ (relatively speaking) aiming for the same ground, with the same rationale, but from radically different directions.

But he was shafted by the DNC. Perhaps because he wasn’t an insider going to play along with the consensus.


I think we’re in agreement here. You’re correct with the use of the word Liberal instead of left too.

Sanders is a bit of a nutcase himself. He’s too socialist to be taken seriously as the leader of the free world.

What is interesting in all of this is that Obamas two terms can only described as a mess now as it left the space for what happened to happen. A lot of people like me bought into the entire yes we can bull, and we were sold a pup.


Republicans fucked Obama over at every turn over the best part of the last 8 years. US President might be powerful but still needs to get a lot of the stuff through Congress and the Senate.

That’s not saying Obama was without his faults. Just needs to be pointed out that the racist Dick’s in the GOP blocked him at every single turn. I really think they wouldn’t have been as belligerent towards a White Democratic President IMO


The only left I seen was when labour headed left for the gravy pool and fell in at the deep end. And a c@nt called Alan Kelly emerged.

No belief in politics anymore.


Things have heated up overnight

Trump’s AG lied under oath during his Senate Confirmation Hearing

White House Ethics Lawyer under Dubya


ooooh thoooose russians, yea i was talking to them alright, sher they were helping us get elected.


One of the pundits on CNN put Session’s problem into context. “Martha Stewart went to jail for less”


One of Nixons White House lawyers during Watergate

Fair to say this chap knows what he’s talking about


and the soap opera rolls on