Hopefully he’ll have had his passport confiscated by then as a flight risk

More indictments in the conspiracy


Only one person she could possibly be referring to


The eulogies from George Dubya Bush and Obama were also clearly delivered criticism of the Narcissistic Satsuma.


The man has no respect for law, justice or due process.


Nope, he thinks people should be loyal to him and screw the law. I’ve given up. America is basically screwed if the dems don’t win bigly in November. They’re currently trying to rush through a Supreme Court judge who is extremely right wing.


This is just fine…


Some amazing quotes from that book online.



Who is Woodward?


Ooooh the watergate guy. They let the watergate guy in?!?!?!




Probably deliberately!!!


This is going well



That is hilarious.


Mike Pence has had o deny being the author of the anonymous editorial in the NYT.
Mad stuff.


Mike Pompeo denies it was him.


Trump will be next to deny writing it.


It’s far too well written to be Trump.


Jeff Sessions denying it was him. Expect a truckload of further “ It wasn’t me” statements. Last one to issue denial gets it in the neck.