I can’t stand the man but the constant tweeting about his every move and often creating things that are not necessarily the case is just behaving the way he does and is frankly tedious.


The media helped build him up for sure, but he’s proving very hard to tear down. If nothing else it proves how untouchable the president is if his party leave their ethics behind in order to stay in power. How many other gop are compromised/being blackmailed I wonder. Some of them are just power hungry but others have done an about face on trump very quickly.


If anything, as Dub 09 said, all that social media hot air and noise is actually helping him at this stage, it’s tedious lowest common denominator stuff for the most part and it puts off many people who otherwise really want to see something happen that actually makes a difference, not just gawpers indulging their addiction to ranting.


A lot of it is for sure, but the really has dragged the office of the president into the gutter all on his own though.

american society is so divided now it’s insane, R’s think the meuller investigation is illegitimate based on nothing other then trump and fox, Ds think he should be impeached tomorrow.


The Don is visiting here in November. I’d say the Guards are delighted…


As my old man just said. “Thanks to Enda and his big fucking mouth”


lol - watching some people here self combust will be funny. I personally don’t like Trump but he has probably killed less civilians (so far at least) than any other president…


3,000 people died in Puerto Rico after a hurricane and he did nothing to help the island. In fact they tried to cover up the amount that were killed until they were forced to reveal the figures this week

He’s also a racist prick of the highest order. So get off your high horse


And yet a homeless person with a past is also deserving of seemingly the same opprobrium.



Oh great ! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is gonna be great, the greatest visit to Ireland by a US President. I promise you, this is gonna be a beautiful visit


:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:



Another bleedin chancer.


He will be in and out in the blink of an eye, No time for protests or bad press yet it will be spun accordingly. if FF had sence they would call an election for December to hone in an the bad will.


They’re saying he’s going to Dublin and Doonbeg so possibly in on the Saturday morning and out Sunday afternoon.

Protests will be massive


the best reason not to re elect michael D will be to see him lead the protests. The traditional parties will love this, only the Looney left will be out :blush:


Get a great deal on Doonbeg for 5* quality in fairness… the only benefit to the Donald


Is this just before the mid term elections?

Obama only came here for the same reason. They put up a statute of him in moneygall the other week and instead of Barry coming he sent his speechwriter.


After them