Yeah, I’ve the Live at The Olympia CD. Still very, very funny stuff 20 + years on.


What a nasty, vindictive, spiteful ■■■■




Trump yet to tweet about the shooting in Jacksonville. I can’t Q-white put my finger on why? :thinking:


Because he is a ignorant cúnt?


Thoughts and prayers. Mental illness etc.


he’s such a dick


It’s like watching a badly-written play. So hard to believe that it has come to this.


Has he said anything about it yet ?




Stormy Daniels on the affair with Trump



he’s so narcissistic he’ll probably reply to that


Senile ■■■■


He probably got confused, the movie was so life like he thought it Was life footage, any one could have done that.


Well I for one am shocked that Donnie made something business related worse


In my experience, people like to deal with people. Being a hard ass can work but i genuinely dont think it’s a good way to go about things. especially if you’re as thick as shit.


The GOP Candidate for Gov. Of Florida about his African American opponent:

Not so much a dog whistle as a fucking foghorn. It’s a wonder he didn’t thrown uppity in their as well


Like a 3 year old


He’ll be in Camp David?
So, he isn’t homophobic, after all?