Do these guys know who Al Capone was


They say meuller has been treating this like a mob investigation all along, go after the lower fish, pick them off, flip them, get the next level. It works but it is a slow process.

The accountant & national enquirer boss (and trump friend) flipping takes it to the next level.

Biggest challenge now is that the president is virtually untouchable, some republic.

At some point you’d hope the gop would act. But their hypocrisy seems to know no bounds.



Excellent :grin::grin::grin:



Shooting at a computer game tournament .
Thoughts & prayers should make everything OK …


Bertie, Inda, Rabbitte - All from Mayo or with Mayo connections. CJH had Kerry connections I think?


Haughey had Mayo connections. Not so sure about Bertie.


Charlie was initially born in Donneycarney, then born in Mayo and again in Derry. Very traumatic for his mother- the whole thing!


Think Bertie has Cork connections.


And don’t forget Tokyo. The Hirohito Haughey’s are fondly remembered there. :wink:




Char-les Hockey was born in Mayo, he’s deffo on the hitlist of awful politicians from that neck of the woods along with the loathsome Michelle Mulherin and Lucinda Creighton.
There’s your real curse…


Pee and Bevers?




Ohhhhhhh, time to dig out the Scrap Collection :grin:


Both parents from Cork according to Wikipedia.


Dermot is badly missed. The fun he would of had with Bertie and his “I won it on de horses” and the fun he would be having with Trump


Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeezzze do !


Had to do a same day round trip to Cork last summer and had the 4CDs to keep me company on the way down/back. Luckily I didn’t crash the car a few times with some of the parts of it. Great childhood memories of it!