On a whole he didn’t. He bankrupted the place and made decisions that benifits him. Some happened to work out for the country by accident not design. He normalised the corruption in politics, state agencies and society that is still prevelent today and holds this country back. FF have followed his lead since again bankrupting the country for self gain and they will again. They are a scourge on this country that needs to be routed out. This comes from somone who’s grandfather was a founder of FF and elected to the 1st dail and one of devs confidants


Your grandfather was one of Dev’s Elfs?


Nail on the motherfcuking head !


You are massively just plain wrong on this. He did not bankrupt the country. Say what you think he did and let’s see if you are correct.


I lived through the 80s and know the poverty and economic dister he created. You and berti might want to focus on a few years in the late the late 80s earley 90 as ireland liberalised economically but this had was circumstances of the time and a policy forced on him. I’m not pat rabbits biggest fan but he captures the reality well in this artical.

CJ was worse then any Donald trump, a hypocrate who appealed to the base emotional instinct in people, inflicted pain on the population, viciousley attached appoints even physicall and lines his pockets. Ok he followed someone else’s econmic policy for about a year, so credit him for the only time in his career for notfucking things up. But if that’s all he has following a 40 year career the bar is mighty low.


Another Republican caught with his hands in the till. So what does he do ? Throws the missus under the bus :rofl:

Someone has just set himself up to be taken to the cleaners in the divorce


Rabbitte is simply an irksome bombast who ignored his own socialist values for power. I am fairly politically aware and was around for some of Haughey’s tenure. I just do not agree with you. Simple as that.


I don’t disagree on Rabbitte but even a stop clock is right twice a day.

While we will never agree on Haughey I do know people who cling on to this view that he did the nation some good. When you scrape the surface I just don’t see it, however FF still get 25% of the vote after all the scandals, economic & social mismanagement so there is obviously a substantial part of the country will support them no matter what.


I remember when this thread was about Clump and his goings on. Can we move these other (very worthwhile) posts to the politics thread please?


Haughey, the Irish Nixon - a self serving lying ■■■■■■■ whose good deeds were incidental to furthering his own cause. A scumbag, like Nixon he meddled in a developing peace process in order to get into office.

Still, he gave out crumbs. C*nt.



And I nominate Tom Cruise to play Trump. You need a little prick to play a prick.


That is your opinion. I listed some of his achievements earlier. Yes, he was corrupt and self-serving but he was an agent for positive change in some ways. He had brains and balls. Nothing you say can make that untrue. I would rather have corrupt, talented leaders than puppies like Inda and Bruton, who did ■■■■ all- good, bad or indifferent. Angela would not have been patting Haughey on the head.


Probably true and we would still be up shit creep but feeling macho about it. putting your country before personnel ego is not always a bad thing.


It is my opinion and it’s factual too.

He would have done exactly as told but would have sold it as a victory.

The consummate politician, even after being revealed as a thief and a fraud people fondly remember him. A total scumbag, he portrayed himself as a republican from the working class but lived like British aristocracy. And the plebs lapped it up.

And he left behind a landed dynasty too.


Not taking sides on who was a bigger ■■■■, but Enda and the gasbag Bruton never ever gave a ■■■■ about any country. Particularly Bruton.


Getting back on topic

The money men along with the lawyers are the ones who know where the bodies are buried


This is gathering pace but still the GOP do nothing.


Crazy ■■■■■■■:


And remember: It was a forensic accountant — the guy who knew all the boring details about taxes and buried financial bodies — who ultimately brought down Al Capone.