This would almost make up for it if he got away with not going to Prison. (Although I don’t think he will get away. He’s pissed off too many people IMO )


Fun Fact: Donnie can’t pardon State Charges


This is it …


538 polls analyses typically gave Trump a 15-20% chance of winning in 2016. It’s a good site, but I wouldn’t put too much trust in what they predict at the national election level.


Clinton was impeached by the house of representatives. But the senate voted against removal from office. Something similar could happen if the democrats gained control of the house of reps.


I was watching BBC news last night - it’s amazing the level of support that Trump still has among people who, quite frankly, don’t give a damn about his misdemeanours. They interviewed three people of Staten Island, two of them were fervently behind Trump. The reporter said that this was typical through the island. Staten Island is, apparently, traditionally Republican and was the only borough in NYC which voted for Trump over Clinton. You’d have still thought that, being within the Sate of New York, it would have a larger level of intolerance of Trump.


There’s a phenomenon where people with entrenched views tend to double down on their views when confronted with facts that disprove their thinking. Trump and Brexit are 2 very obvious cases of this


There are many ill-educated people over there. They get their education from a dreadful public school system and watch Fox ‘News’ in the evenings. There are more slaves in the U.S. now than ever before.


And yet we keep on electing the likes of Gerry Adams, the Healy Rae’s, Michael Lowry, Bertie Ahearn, Charlie Haughey etc etc. Let he who is without sin etc etc


It’s not exactly the same thing. For example, Gerry Adams was in a different category- which you are well aware of. There was a civil war in the north, stemming from injustice, Burntollet Bridge etc. Charlie Haughey was very intelligent and a good leader. He did not go around grabbing women ‘by the pussy’, pay porn stars for sex and practically go to war- in terms of the economy- with the rest of the world.


There was a reporter from the Huffington Post on Morning Ireland today saying that Trumps core support is about 40%. Those are people who would support him no matter what. he was saying that the democrats were wary of moving to impeach before the mid-terms in case it actually increased his support base.

What a fcuking backwards world we live in


Well if your opening argument is going to be a defence of Charlie Haughey, there is no point in even engaging with you.



You are dead right. Charlie was corrupt and did nothing good…Apart from starting the peace talks…and the supports for the elderly…and the arts…and tourism…and the rejuvenation of Temple Bar…and low corporation tax to get FDI in here…and the development if the I F.S.C. Yes our other Taoisigh like Inda and Bruton were much better…


Despite the fact that he was a crook he did get a lot of the things that you list done. But he bloody well ruined Temple Bar.


That’s a fair call. I liked it at the start but it’s ruined now.


what he did was fill his pockets and help his mates do the same. When he died I got in to a huge row for saying RIP with MR White. that was more down to my views of respecting the dead but when you look at the chaps motivations they were pure selfish and corrupt. So I would just like to say to Mr White, where ever you are, I’m sorry you were right :wink:


In terms of being a Taoiseach he wasn’t a patch on his Father in Law. We could do with a Lemass type now


That is inaccurate. He was an intelligent man and a good leader. He was corrupt but did some good things for the country.


No question he was corrupt. But it’s ridiculous to suggest he did nothing to benefit the country.