Something a person who is totally innocent would definitely say…


Muller is no fool he is playing the long game, I suspect many charges will be held off until Trump is out of office or will form part of a deal for him not to stand in 2020.



I’m not sure that any of this will matter a jot when the next presidential election happens, a sitting president is hardly ever defeated in the polls (it’s only happened on 5 occasions) every other sitting president has been re-elected.
Trump can more or less spout any old rubbish, commit any offence, threaten any individual or nation on earth and his core support wont care one bit. The more the ‘system’ attacks him, the more entrenched his support becomes. Back when he was seeking the republican nomination Trump said he could stand on New York’s Fifth Avenue “and shoot somebody” and still not lose voters. Sadly I’m starting to believe that is very true.


It all boils down to the elections in November. If the democrats retake the majority then he will be impeached for the crimes he has pretty blatantly committed. Using campaign funds to pay off his affairs and obstruction of justice.


Most presidents seem to end up facing a hostile congress and still survive. The Republicans tried everything they could to impeach Bill Clinton and ultimately failed, Trump will find a way to frustrate their efforts and blacken the reputation of anyone who dares to oppose him along the way.


A day similar to this for Trump


Clinton lied about an afffair, trump has broken the law.


I’m not disputing the scale of the offence, it just seems that the president, short of converting to Islam has enough clout to frustrate the efforts of his opponents almost indefinitely


Agree yea, it’s a ridiculous amount of power for one person.


Nixon kept lying. If Trump does the same he’ll go the same way.


Oh there’s no if about it. He will keep lying it’s all he does


Yes but the Media is way more partisan now so he can hide behind fake news no matter how much proof their is. I have said it before he has balls of steal.


In reality, he will still carry plenty of states in the south but it is the usual swing states that might be turned off enough to go against him. It probably wouldn’t take that much of a swing, maybe 1 or 2 % in the likes of Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin and a Democrat wins


Ironically, the most southern, mainland US State.


Geographically yes, but Florida’s voting demographic would have a very, very large percenage of snowbirds - elderly, white, retirees from the cold winter states in the north east and midwest.


Just as well he wasn’t your lawyer for the last 20 years and who probably knows where all the bodies are buried…


The world is a very changed place since then. Trump will brazen this out till the end aided and abetted by Fox News and a battery of expensive lawyers, he is every bit as focused on staying in power as his hero Putin or Robert Mugabe. There were some lines that Nixon wouldn’t cross, I don’t think such a line exists for DT


Hence why I said “ironically”. It’s probably mostly conservative-leaning due to the age of its electorate.


Mueller is like Lt Columbo. He just keeps chipping away at the whole Trump structure. Hard to believe that Cohen hasn’t revealed an awful lot more than is in the public domain. It’s a bit like the FBI going after Al Capone. They couldn’t nail him on bootlegging or racketeering or murder but the investigation gave them enough to get him convicted on tax offences and jailed. I would guess Mueller has moved on from Cohen and Manafort and has already hooked another Trump fish . The end maybe slow in coming , but it is coming.