Having the mother of all melt downs all day. This guy seriously needs psychiatric help. I actually think this could be it. He has clearly lost it.


He hasn’t had it for some time, if ever? What’s he rambling about now?


Eh, the prosecution only rested T-shirt case the other day


This guy is a lawyer and former Federal Prosecutor






Okey Dokey Rudy…


You could not make this rubbish up.

Trump is at the same time saying his son colluded with the russians, but also saying that collusion is not a crime, while also saying Mueller has no proof that they colluded. Which is it, you can’t argue all three angles at the same time ffs.


Trump is a legend, balls of steal and can bluff through anything. I work with a characters like him but none of them can touch this lad.


Bunch of mad men.


A legend, you say? Or a horrible, shallow, lying, untrustworthy, cheating, sociopathic, arrogant, insufferable, unintelligent, bluffing, sex-abusing bully maybe?

Where the fcuk do you work? Arbour Hill Prison?




Yes and gets away with it and os beloved by is base. Legend is an understatement


His base are brainwashed by Fox News propaganda channel.


Some shit show. Nearly 2 years of this gobschite


Hi Donald.

So no chance of another golf course up in Derry then so? :roll_eyes:


Good Lord