Hope he doesn’t play while they are building it or he may end up being just another brick in the wall …





Some A+ trolling from the Swedish Embassy in Washington :clap:


He will run out of allies outside of the USA very soon and soon after that, within the USA. His next stop will be to start executing his political opponents - he must feel he is within the law to do so.
Putin must be laughing his arse off.


between trump and brexit he’s having a whale of a time.

next stop interfering in the french, dutch and german elections.


Trump has a new bestest ever friend.


Shocked that someone like Mugabe would be supportive of someone like Trump…


Nothing shocks me any longer when it comes to DJ Trump.


Hmmm …You don’t do irony then Beeko …


I do… but when it comes to Trump…


Is there a competition in Republican Party as to who can come across as the dumbest fucker after Donnie.


Picking a fight with the FBI now. A really smart move to go along with his fight with the CIA and NSA :clap::clap::clap:


More examples of looking to make facts fit their narrative rather than the other way around


Background to his latest tweets

A Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard writes


What are trumps latest tweets?


FIND NOW! Seems to be the new SAD!


christ almighty.


This guy must a boon to the printed tshirt business , think of all the ludicrous things he says , fake news, alternative facts , and now , find now ! Get busy printing


… .

Because America is so safe. Not like any nutcase can just go around and buy any guns they want.


He is sticking to his guns about sweden as well. Refusing to release his tax returns which obviously contain something very dodgy.

Meanwhile Le Pen is shrugging off corruption allegations, as she increases her lead in the polls. Seems no one cares if you are a corrupt liar anymore so long as you spout bigotry. I might encourage me nan to run in the next election.