Mike not trying to make too many waves , knows his customers



Hmm, woulda thought LeBron’s ideas would have produced an apoplectic reaction amongst the Liberal Cleansing fraternity on here, no?


I won’t lie, I don’t know two things about him.

Putin is definitely having a laugh appointing Segal


Oh great.

What could possibly go wrong?


But I thought the meeting was only about adoptions :thinking:

Nice work dipshit


The obvious choice really.


“Nobody is smarter than me”


You can see why he’s doing his best to avoid Ann interview under oath. His supporters are wearing slogans saying “rather be a Russian than a democrat” … this is their right wing. Unreal.


the evolution of the denials about this meeting is hilarious. How many times did he say there was no meeting, then it was about adoptions, then no collusion, now colllusion is not a crime :roll_eyes:

So the last remaining denial is that trump senior didn’t know about it. Does anyone believe that fornone minutes?



Ohh that doesn’t sound too good for Paulie


“Trade Wars are easy to win”


Idiot is going to stall the economy, the only thing keeping his approval ratings off the floor.



Seagal looks like a Peter Griffin sketch from Family Guy.


Thought Trump was predicted by everyone to be useless with the economy. How long til it happens?


A bit like his own wealth, he inherited a booming economy. Other then giving massive tax breaks to corporations and billionaires he has left it well alone. Except for the trade wars he seems keen on, which could derail the global boom.

i see they are bringing back asbestos now as well … who sells asbestos? Why the russians, that’s who. :roll_eyes:



What is it with Trump and crooks


With support from people like Kanye West, it really is a wonder Trump is still in The White House…