I read

The Press = the truth



That’s not what’s written though is it


I would have said, more or less, yes.


The Truth about him. That’s not implying the press = the truth


We’ll have to agree to differ my old friend

[translates: you’re wrong]


A lot more truth in the press than in one of trumps speeches. Well, elements of the press.


Some of the fake news has more truth than Trump’s speeches.


‘And the truth shall set you free’. In The fake presidents case probably the opposite will apply.


Well it’s certainly a novel approach to defence


Watertight :joy:


So any time there seems to be evidence of a crime, that is in fact evidence that there was no crime.


Pretty Much


What a pathetic little man having a dig at LeBron.

LeBron this week set up a public school with his own money

I’m sure it’s nothing to do with the fact that LeBron is black and intelligent…


And of course he likes Mike. Mike is a lot like him. Obsessed with himself and with making money.



Which mike is he referring to , Michael Jordan ?




Surely Don Lemon could sue him for a comment like that?



Oh boy