Mueller is a republican & was appointed by republicans. Trump is in a right flap, they’re closing in methinks.He will try to sack Sessions and shut down the investigation. Did you see some republicans tried to impeach Rod Rosenstein last week? It didn’t get off the ground and Sessions backed Roddy. Sorry folks!


something bigly is breaking very soon folks.


We’re going to find out that there was in fact collusion/conspiracy and the orange shitgibbon not only knew about it, he signed it off, so all those “witch hunt” and “no collusion” tweets are going to be proven lies, which even by trump’s standards is deeply embarrassing.


Despite what will come out 30% of americans will still believe trump. Either way its going to be a massively divided country after his time in charge


Some of the accounts and pages that Facebook banned yesterday (they took action after the 20% drop in share value last week), were very much ani-trump. The whole idea is to divide opinion, to make everyone more extreme, and you have to say they’re doing an excellent job of that. Helped by more traditional media channels such as fox. But at one point remember people thought wikileaks was this bastion of free speech keeping and eye on america, whereas actually it was just a russian operation to discredit america.



He is shitting it.



Fake news


Ah i know it’s fake but it’s funny, you miserable sod. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I knew by the lack of punctuation




If Robert Reich has 2 older siblings does that make him the Third Reich?


I went on the piss with him before he got married - it was his Reichstag



Now this would give Trump a run for his money in the lunacy stakes!!!


Ah jaysus christ Mr @GuyIncognito … this is a self important hack pushing the press out there as keepers of the truth - a la Kerry in GAA terms - which is complete sh1te.

Spare us the Trump rails against the Press cos they speak the truth bullshit please! The media are a huge part of the problem not the solution and any attempt to lift them on to some truth or ethical pedestal should be scoffed at for the compete crap that it is …


And who’s doing that ?

What he said is correct. Trump fears about people knowing what he did so he spouts all this fake news bollox 24/7. He is absolutely terrified about his past catching up with him


That journo is … trying to.


Where specifically ?