something big is breaking soon.

Rudy is in all out panic mode. He hasn’t been off the TV all day.

There is probably a tape of Cohen talking to Trump about the Trump Tower meeting.


Seems like he is pre-empting bad news (for them)


Fucking hell


What??? What’s wrong with that? Perfectly normal. Stop crying wolf Incognito … two years of it is too long …


This probably explains rudy’s Change of heart and suddenly revealing the pre-conspiracy meeting.



i think the answer is in the video i posted above. Manafort’s trials starts today, the state will have handed over their witness interviews, which include key cooperating witness Gates, who was at the first meeting. so manafort’s lawyers likely told Rudy that Mueller knows all about this, which is why he is flipping out.


Here we call it Jobs for the boys(& girls) a quaint honest custom that goes back generations.



Ah … was missing Kyle …


He is a producer at MSNBC so it’s kinda his job.


Dissing Trump at every opportunity?


To be fair. he generally reports without comment. the fact that most of what trump says is ridiculous means if you report it, it looks like you’re taking the piss.


Not on Fox it doesn’t?!


No but on twitter


this is just beyond dumb at this point


I think they are mixing up collusion and illusion.


Conspiracy is a crime though Donnie


It’s like saying bank heists are not illegal.