Possibly, but… It might just make the Orangutan in the White House believe that his bully boy tactics get results and encourage more of this from him


He got ■■■■ all out from what I’m reading of it.


Talks about talks if this article is to be believed


is it not birds that look down on us?


Only the snooty D4 ones in high heels.


What about Indian people Winston you imprealist scumbag.


That sound you hear is the sound of Donnie throwing his own son under the bus


Nah he’s trying to throw Cohen under the bus, his fixer, the guy who knows more about dons shady dealings then anyone else in the world, the guy who he shat himself when he heard his appt had been raided by the feds.




I dont believe for a second that trump didnt know about the meeting. But knowing it and proving it are very different things.

Trump is a control freak, it’s inconceivable tat he would not know. Also like you say the constant denials that the russians were involved (when by all accounts he was shown irrefutable proof that they were) is just his way of distancing the russian from the election campaign.

Even in his retraction from the farce in Helsinki, where he was supposed to be saying he knows it was the russian, he still couldn’t help himself saying “or somebody else, a lot of people out there” again trying to sow doubt.


Because they have a video of him involving dwarves, wee wee, donkeys, marmalade and Russian prostitutes! That is why he is licking up to Putin. The Russkies have the horrid satsuma by the nads. It’s that simple!


Can we get back to the Middle East here? This stuff is boring …


:eyes: Awkward


We need to find some middle ground here.
The Golan Heights?


I hear Gavin has the lads on a special training trip in the Golan Heights, to help improve the ratio of chances taken.


I was in the Golan Heights. Irish UN peacekeepers have had a great effect in the Middle East region. As well as the peacekeeping they have programmes that invest in the local communities. Very interesting and proactively positive stuff.


Eh Rudy that analogy doesn’t bode well for Trump


Rudy has subtly changed tack from “there was no collusion” to “collusion is not illegal”. Now he’s talking about a second meeting before the trump tower meeting … says he wants to get out in front of the story … he talks so much nonsense & lies so often it’s hard to know but sounds like there’s a story about to drop


Rudy Giuliani, attorney for President Trump: “Colluding about Russians – I’m not sure that’s even a crime. The hacking is the crime.”

These people are nuts.