Interesting that, considering the attitude of some Muslims to womens’ rights that you’d try an analogy about wife beating.

You suggested that Hamas are not perfect. Indeed. Neither are the Jews. But the argument is often very one sided in this country. Try swinging an Israeli flag at a match and see how far you get.


A quote from Ronit Lentin in today’s Irish Times:
‘Israel is a racist colony and an apartheid state’ (letters page).
Hamas are one of the less backward groups in the Miiddle East. They don’t claim to be perfect. You should read the link I put up yesterday.

My other point was that, if someone wants to decry a particular behaviour or country, you disregard them for not complaining there and then about every other example of the same behaviour. The Israelis/Jews use the same logic to defend the indefensible.


Apologies Guy. The question may be, can Trump stop the investigations by controlling the Supreme Court. The republicans are bunched but they will hardly oust him now as their fate is inextricably linked with his. The trailer park people who vote for Trump are largely unaware of his flaws- or just don’t care. The more he tells the world to fcuk off, the more they chant ‘Go U. S. of A.’ or similar nonsense.


I think you will find the people you criticise did a lot more to assist the causes of the LGBT then the established political parties and condem the action you claim they don’t. You obviously have a big issues with the left and thoes who represent the working class electorate , but atleast criticise them for things they actually do.


In theory yes he could although it would obviously be completely inappropriate


He doesn’t give a fcuk!


Fucking Hell :joy::joy::joy::rofl:


Ah really … like really. Kyle Griffin … who?


Quality banter :laughing:


The worrying thing is the reference is apt to so many western democracies now. History tells this will lead to a War.


This Is getting interesting


Comparing them to pigs would be particularly offensive (to both Jews and Muslims) and was probably a deliberate choice made by the cartoonist to make sure he properly conveyed his disdain of the subject.


But the animals in question are pigs! That was Orwell’s doing. It was the pigs who orchestrated the whole thing so if he wanted to use the quote- which is very apt, the link to pigs was unavoidable!


I don’t have a problem with that tbh. Just making the point that it would be extra offensive and I’m sure that he was fully aware of that in his choice of the quote, just as the paper would have known but printed it anyway.

Good to see someone in Israel making stand against this law and the people behind it


Lads can we take the Middle East discussion to another thread


Pigs are very intelligent and sensitive creatures. And stylish…


Seriously, the cartoonist is Jewish, is a Jewish man referencing one of the most famous books in the world offensive, i guess they should lock up the antisemite :persevere:. Wow a lot of people falling for the extremist tactics.


Just to be clear, I don’t think it’s offensive I think it’s quite clever and nuanced, I’m just pointing out that using the pigs from Animal Farm has a deeper meaning to people in that part of the world beyond the Orwell quote.

The cartoonist is sticking the boot in to his own government which he is perfectly entitled to do, it’s a pity that more of his countrymen wouldn’t do the same.


I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. Winston Churchill


Back on thread, do we agree that Juncker did the necessary yesterday?