Ad hominem attack. The usual. I’m not defending Israel. I was attacking the deplorable human rights record of Qatar (financial supporters of Hamas) and extremist Islam. Perfectly happy to condemn Israeli aggression. Would you care to do the same with regard to the deplorable failure of Islamist regimes to support human rights?


Women especially and probably rightly are highly offended by Trumps attitude towards them…the “grab her by the…” line is often brought up but ive heard similar and worse in “locker room
Banter”. The aul backward Muslim countries seem to get a free pass where driving a car and showing a bit of flesh could see you stoned to death


That’s the looney left for you. They’ll condemn Israel all day long but you’ll never hear a word out of the likes of Murphy, Boyd Barrett or SF about the appalling treatment of women and minorities in many Muslim countries. The enemy of my enemy is my friend is their MO.


Of course I would - unilaterally and without the snideness you usually deploy.


Indeed. You just go for the personal abuse.


You just go for character assassination without any proof. Not all the time though. Only when it fits your narrow world view.


Could we have some evidence of this please? Hamas is far from perfect but as usual, your preaching is misinformed.


Short memory? not too long ago Boyd Barrett, SF and the left slammed the government for supporting SA taking up a seat on the UN women’s council. I guess that doesn’t fit in with the blue shirt rhetoric though.


Amazing how this tweet keeps coming back to haunt him


Charlie Flanagan is a spectacular example of a not-very-bright lad who snuck up the ladder by osmosis. He is a bluffer of the highest order. He will never rock the boat.



… son of Oliver Flanagan.
“There was no sex in Ireland before television!”


I look forward to them slamming Hamas for denying women and minorities their human rights.

If we voted for the Saudi’s then that’s shameful.

This is not supposed to be whataboutery. All this kind of carry on should be condemned unilaterally. But it isn’t.


You the one using whataboutery, the left have criticised atrocities perpitrated by Hamas and other states and organistion. You need to turn off fox news and get tuned into realty


Ok. Never watched Fox in my life. Despicable people. But carry on. You seem to know it all.


We are still waiting for evidence from you for these pronouncements on Hamas etc. Your need for universal condemnation sounds like this:

If you hear your neighbour beating his wife, you must not do anything about that unless you intend to tackle the issue at global level. Pure nonsense.


And there you have it: The perfect example, of the cat calling the dog “hairy arse”


I can post links too.

And I wonder what would happen if the woman quoted in your article decided to remove her veil.

As for the second part of your post, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. Not for the first time.


Getting back on topic

Hoisted by his own petard


Yes but at what point will they actually start going places. Yes it takes time but he’s 18 months into a 4 year term. If they don’t get a move on it’ll be like Nixon. Second term before we get anywhere.