That’s exactly what it is , an eye for eye .
Wont be the end of it either.


To be pedantic I don’t think he can directly fire Mueller. It would be up to rosenstein as deputy AG. Firing or forcing his hand though would be a similar step but would expect a massive uproar if that occurs




It didn’t end well for Nixon tho, did it. Then again he had a GOP with morals to keep him in line. Trump’s GOP are compromised it seems.


Grandpa Ranty is still awfully nervous


The document released proves the exact opposite to what trump is saying.


Long read but worth it.


Gotta distract from Paulies Trial this week somehow


I didnt think you were allowed make threats on twitter.


You’re not unless you’re Donald Trump


A not so subtle tweet from the FBI in Kansas City

There is absolutely no way these recent sets of tweets from the FBI and NSA are merely coincidental



Oh fùck off


Yeah cool story bro


Crazy ass fool is crazy.



Adios Julian


Not defending trump but this shows how hypocritical people are


And let’s not forget that the world view of Hamas isn’t a million miles away from this kind of thing. And yet people are perfectly happy to wave that flag :wink:


Hamas? Is that where chlldren get slaughtered for no reason? Give it a rest Alan FFS.