Now this is quality trolling.


Jaysus wha ! This is the feds equivalent of jimmy waving the shears at georgie burgess .



I hope Trump is not impeached but sees out his term…why? Well for those of you who don’t know Mike Pence is a religious nut job who will most definitely start a war and go with the flow as regards the military.


So Mayo is not part of the irish bible belt,:wink:


I have a feeling Pence is up to his balls in the whole Russia thing as well. he selected Fylnn to be a part of the campaign. I do think if Trump is impeached, there could be trouble from his base and his whole narrative = Deep state: corrupt media & corrupt FBI has unbelievably been swallowed whole by a lot of them.

Even with a cast iron case the likes of Fox and Hannity (if he is not done also) will twist/dismiss every single shred of evidence and their viewers will think he has been taken down by the deep state. despite Republican’s broadly welcoming and praising Meuller when he was appointed. They thought a Republican FBI agent would not do his job. not everyone is as corrupt as you idiots.


Think his roots are in Sligo, no?

They’re shitting themselves in case he invites himself for a visit.


True…minus the “dry” towns though


FBI also tweeted this

Also this from the NSA


I get the feeling something is going to happen.


So this happened in the last 24 hours

Tweets dug up by Mike Cernovich who is, after that , going after a few comedians who are anti Trump .

He’s after Patton Oswalt & Michael Ian Black now .These aren’t recent tweets either like the Roseanne case .


Ah yes the man who doesn’t seem to think rape is a crime when it’s committed by a white person


Its bizarre as this was deep dive through someone’s tweets . Somebody did this to baseball player during the week too just before the All Star game .
Youd really think some of these high profile people would go back & scan their own tweet history for these offensive posts & delete them .
Or , of course , not tweet them in the first place .



Somebody’s getting nervous

Firstly dipshit they had a warrant and secondly you are far from America’s favourite President



Breaking into a lawyers office :joy::joy::joy:


It’s a slightly odd one. The tweets were very bad, but they were clearly jokes (very unfunny ones) and he has clearly grown since then and has fully apologised for these tweets in the past. Also the knowledge of these tweets isn’t new, they have come up before and Marvel certainly knew about them. Can’t help but feel that this is a case of we sacked a right winger (Roseanne Barr) so now we are sacking a left winger.

Very concerning that America now has higher moral standards for someone to be a tv star or film director than they do for someone to be president.


He can just sack Mueller. It’s been reported that he already considered doing so, but several of his staff threatened to quit so he backed down.

Nixon did this in the past.


Believe it or not, Pence has links to Doonbeg also!