That one has been done.


I’ll exchange some of my dong for a bit of nicker


You’re right but I invested in it a few years ago, and it increased alot since. Now I’ve got a big sack, and I’m worried that if I get rid of it all I won’t even be able to get an old krone


Getting back on track. He’s continuing to pick a fight with the CIA and NSA. This isn’t going to end well for him


there has to be some serious dirt on him somewhere. A lot of smoke around him between sexual assault accusations to conspiring with Russia either through blackmail or business interest. I’d expect further leaks from the intelligence community over the coming months if he continues on as he is.


He says that the media treated General Flynn disgracefully… yet he’s the one who fired him. He is a walking, talking, living definition of paranoia.


Still, if Inda makes it to Paddys Day as Teeshock, and goes to White House with the bowl of shamrock - that meeting would be interesting . El Presidente might ask Inda to dance a jig, or engage in some ‘banter’ . Hopefully Inda gets stuck in a lift somewhere.


Never thought if that. I like your thinking. Just over a month for them both to hang on. I can live with that.


He is so full of shit it is unreal, the man contradicts himself every other sentence.


Exactly, they can compare ’ alternative facts’


Shows you he’s shitting himself. He’s claming ‘Fake News’ on one hand and on the other he’s complaining about ‘Leaks’. It’s either one or the other FFS and judging by his actions he’s practically confiriming what the leaks are saying.


Exactly. He’s thick as a feckin plank lads.


Enough about Inda… what about Trump?



Bad an all as inda is, he’s no trump.


Is brea lion the makeyuppy stories Inda comes out with , like the fella he said he met who had two pints and thanked Inda for giving him more money in his pocket … or the one about the army being ready to man the ATMs and banks at our darkest hour . He’s tailor made for job with the Donald’s press office .


It’s remarkable really. Shows the absolute state of politics in the US. This guy can barely string two sentences together.

If you want a laugh read his response to a question on the premise of rising anti-Semitism in the States. A pissed loon at a wedding could give a more coherent answer.


To give this context April Ryan is African American


The Congressional Black Caucus just put this up

He is such a fucking asshat Jesus


The key thing to remember about this bellend is that people voted for him in reaction to those that went before him.