Well well well what’s this

I’d bet anything that wasn’t the only time he recorded a conversation with Donnie


Woop woooooop

He must have known the Day was coming when he’d need this.


This from just after the FBI raided Cohen’s office


Hoo boy it gets better


Explains the little pissy fit trump & co had when Cohen’s gaff was raided.




I doubt it is, god knows what he has on tape. Republicans won’t care though.


Oh i dunno - being caught on tape discussing and affair which he has denied so strongly will show him up as a proven lair, they might not care about the affair, but the illegal payoff will annoy some - and the floating voters you’d imagine as sick of this joke shop.


Remarkably has 41% approval


It didn’t hurt him during the campaign, he will be fine. Another 6 years is guaranteed unless he kicks the bucket


I think he can do anything and get away with it for a large part of America as it’s not really about him but what he is not, or more exactly it’s about who he’s pissing off or opposing. Likewise post-Brexit, for most of the Leavers the EU’s (rational) position seems to merely confirm their own opinion and reaffirms their belief in it.


Not so sure. 10% more disapprove. Wouldn’t say a shoe in. Depends on who the democrats put forward. Also depends whether he can survive the investigation.


The only thing that will stop him is the economy, so far it’s going well and if he gets another good year he will be elected again. He will stop the investigation when they get too close


How is he going to stop the investigation?


He is blessed with the economy he inherited. Mind you he is doing his best to derail it.


With his judicial appointment to the Supreme Court.


Uh oh


Is it possible that Rudy Giuliani has gone gaga ?


Oh there’s no possible about it. He has gone Gaga. He keeps digging a bigger hole everytime he opens his mouth


Not all the conservatives on the Supreme Court will think a president is above the law. In fact conservatives are supposed to be strong on the rule of law. His new appointment seems to be caught up in a scandal, so no guarantee he’ll get in.

Meulller, rod ronstien & Wray are all Republicans- despite trump trying to label them all as “angry democrats”.