Two fairly incredible tweets to come out of G7. He has taken himself down now … America the absolute laughing stock of the world. Clearly nobody has any control over the buffoon and it is gonna have to stop now.



Perfect :joy:


Shows Up to the G7 pouting like one of the kardashians then leaves early and slags everyone off on twitter. Is this where humanity really is?


This guy has very little to do with humanity.


Shinzo Abe is most people at this stage


Uh I think they may have gotten the files mixed up


Bobby :+1:


Such an ignorant pig


He kept his hands well tucked in, didn’t want another handshake with The Donald.



Trump will just give the actual agreement and hail it a success and fox will play along. Job done.



I hate that man. Everything about him.


What boils my piss about him is that he could fall into a bucket of shite and come out smelling of roses


Met more mature 12 year olds


The next election is going to be epic in fairness .
If we thought the abortion referendum caused controversy for how the campaign panned out , this is going to make it look very timid on both sides .


Yeah like we really needed to hear that @Tayto


He will not get to the next election IMO - no way whatsoever.


Denis Leary was great for these type of quotes
He probably stole it off Bill Hicks :wink: