Makes the Trump admin look like idiots (admittedly not that hard) becuase no other US admin would have bought this obvious PR stunt


Also gives Kim and his administration a huge PR win domestically, adds legitimacy. Will elevate his standing among local nations too.


Yes. Apparently they are now way ahead of the Opposition in the opinion polls …


Validation and legitimacy, comrade.


Not validating that man is a fatal error @_TL - as even his uncle found out.


Indeed he did.


Nice work Paulie


Why is he not in jail with no access to the interweb?


Here’s an interesting theory


I can see no logical reason for him being out and about. Plus if he was held, he’d be more likely to flip.


did you see trump over the weekend, announcing that he is above the law.

crazy times. democracy in the USA is in genuine jeopardy.


Top banter :joy:


Not quite anthem but still for someone who’s a whiny little bitch when it comes to other people the hypocrisy is astounding


Especially considering that he didn’t serve due to feet spurs! What a plonker he is Rodney!




Ha! The guys an imbecile.



Oh what could possibly go wrong


Even Paul Ryan is calling bullshit