Good fucking christ


What a narcissist.





Such a vile vile person


He’s like a fucking robot , devoid of empathy .
How has this prick not been taken out yet :angry:.
JFK , rfk assassinated . Yet Bush jr gets a shoe thrown at him & this guy remains untouched.


Good show on Trump on RTE last night. Found myself repeating the question over and over, How is this guy president of the United States. It made it very clear that the Republican party disagree with most of what he does but are willing to back him to save their own skins


didn’t see the programme but that sounds about right.


Just proof that the party comes first, not the country. Same in every country. Political parties are like kartels. The people you represent should always come first


It’s on RTE Player, it’s called Trump Takeover, definitely worth a look. Funny bit in it when he thinks he has repealed Obama care and has a celebration in the rose garden only for McCain to do him over. It’s like a bad soap opera


This whole shambles will be a TV series on netflix someday. assuming he doesn’t take over full control of the US for life (you know he wants to).


‘President Trump has ‘great meeting’ with Kim Kardashian’.

Maybe he thinks Kim Kardashian is the leader of North Korea.


I’d say he was hoping to have to pay more hush money.


Sure it is already, the similarities with House of Cards are endless



Those €5,000 a plate dinners - how much extra is the food - and do you get to keep the plate?



Who could have possibly foreseen this coming


I don’t get this line of thought at all. What have North Korea gotten out of this?