You may find an EU Directive protecting the roseate tern or even the Spancil Hill Slug tied Clare Co Co’s hands …




Spot the error :grin:


That’s actually a pic of Boris Yeltsin, not Trump?


Alec Baldwin playing Trump on Saturday Night Live


Trump’s National Security Advisor resigned over the telephone conversations with the Russian ambassador which included discussions about the lifting of sanctions. This was in December and this

Explains why it’s a big deal

Garry Kasparov’s tweet is on the money


This farce of a presidency is rotten to the core. Trump is a pathological liar. There are pissy tapes at the very least.


Yep. Flynn didn’t act on his own accord in his discussions IMO. Although he does seem to be a bit of a looper so who knows


The White House is leaking like a fucking sieve. Was doubting it since he’s been sworn in but begining to think now there’s no way he’ll last the 4 years.

President Pence within 18mths or maybe even 12mths


And probably a more frightening scenario, truth be told. He makes Trump look like an angel.


Pence is implicated in this shambles as well no?


it was all hidden from him apparently


Poor aul’pence.


I don’t think Pence is that intelligent. He’s not the full shilling!


Pence might be nuts but I think he’s Nuts in the G.W. Bush sense. Trump is un-fucking-hinged. Then again if Pence is implicated then we’re looking at President Paul Ryan (Leader of The House at the moment). Now there is a tosser he’s the type of sleveen prick who’d sell his granny.


Pence is coining it whatever happens




That doesn’t make cents.


Enough with the pun(t)s people…


They hold no currency with you?