WHo was she talking about?


Obama aid, dark-skinned guy. It’s in the beadline



I hadn’t seen any picture. I saw the name Jarrett, assumed it was a first name, and the article went on to say “black person”.


Lots of leaps there Al


What’s your point? Tayto asked who it was. I had a quick look and missed something. The article says black person.


Theres a picture of her in the article…


I didnt get that far. The link I saw at that time didn’t have the picture up the top. If I’d seen the picture then clearly I wouldn’t have said ‘dark skinned’.
Still don’t get your point, what is it?



All of which is a myth :roll_eyes:


Sounds plausible to me. :roll_eyes:


god told me duplantis is a touch dodgy.


How many private jets do the mods here have? :airplane: :airplane: :airplane:


Well if God says he needs it…


In Roseanne’s defense, it’s hard to know the difference between racism that gets you fired versus racism that gets you elected President of the United States.

– Tweet


“Kim Kardashian to meet Donald Trump to discuss penal reform”, they should just nuke themselves at this stage and start again.


Jesus fucking christ


Can we be sure there is not a typo there?


Trump thinks that is plastic surgery on his member so that he’ll no longer need Viagra.


Or his super-long tie.