Jesus Al, you used to be brighter.

Trumporn - Trump Porn. People must have Google it.


I know what Trumporn is because I posted it Tommy. I was wondering which reason for googling you meant and now I realise it’s the dull ‘looking for Trump and porn’ one. Your comments used to be much sharper but then again this thread would dull anyone into submission.


Jaysus, who pissed in al’s muesli this morning


Any chance of bringing back the ignore user option Tayto?


I think @Tayto has you on ignore - hence no answer.


I sometimes think my front door bell is an ignore button …


The lads who made this forum software, don’t believe in ignore buttons. Load of leftie shite.


Here’s a mad idea, how about you just skip past the post of the poster you don’t want to see? I do it here regularly!


Was that a post just there?


I taut with barthomelow gone you’d read everyone?!:stuck_out_tongue:


What? :wink:


I’m not sure lads and lasses, Tommy’s post was also a bit cornflakey but that got a pass and mine didn’t?
Look I don’t like bad feeling and I’m not sure where all this personal stuff started. I disagreed with a post about Moses (who apparently is bringing the exiled through the Red sea to the promised land using only some tablets?) and next thing I found Harry having a go at me (later realised he’s a Liverpool fan so presume that’s why?).
I slagged off this thread but then again I’m always reading it so poor me. Anyway people slag off things here all the time so lets not get selective.

I actually always like Harry’s posts so I’m not sure who pissed in his cornflakes either…I mean I even went so far as to post a funny Liverpool banner! It must be collective hormonal week. Luckily for me I’m already past The Change. :crazy_face:


Ah I just taut you sounded a bit grouchy is all. Not like you.


Seriously, the ignore button, PLEASE! :wink:


It’s PCT.


Face palm




Amazingly, in that fucked up kip, this will only make her more popular with a large section of the population.