China invests €500 million in a trump business in Indonesia and the following day trump tries to lift sanctions from ZTE - one of China’s biggest companies. Glad the GOP stood up to him, unanimously voting against lifting the sanctions.

Coming on top of the senate commitee conclusing that Russia did in fact help trump and try to harm clinton

coming on top of the Qatar gov saying that trumps lawyer asked for a million dollars for access to trump, which comes on top of several large companies buying policy changes for cash = pay for play

all of which comes on top of trump’s declaration that he paid the money to the porn star, who he tried to pretend he never had an affair with - just after his wife had delivered their baby son.

What an absolute feckin shambles of a presidency. Normally any one of these would be a huge scandal. In trumpland they’#ll be forgotten because something worse will probably land tomorrow.


Trumps sanction relief for zte ia blocked and by sheer coincidence the investment by China in trumps company has been cancelled…


Yes Donnie they did all that but then didn’t say anything about it before or after the election


Someone in the campaign team, was so worried about what was going on, that they reported it to the feds. That is not infiltrated, that is an informant & is perfectly legal.


Didn’t think Trump flew with commercial airlines :thinking::grin:


He’s an Orangutang. Anyway he wasn’t flying, he took the last train to Clarkesville.


Who could have possibly foreseen this…


the coin they minted might have been a bit premature?


Another Russian!


But but it’s just a Witchhunt!! No Collusion!



Holy shit that’s some reduction in sentence. Must have given up something significant to get that


Handed Cohen to them on a Platter.

The whole thing is one stinking pile of :poop:


Land of The Free…




Summit cancelled !

What a surprise :joy:

The North Koreans played him like a fiddle


Bask in his orange idiotic glow.


You just know somebody has Googled that.


Crazy ass motherfucker has been tweeting some crazy ass shit. He’s gas.

Asked about Mr Comey’s comments, Mr Trump told reporters: “I think James Comey has got a lot of problems. If you look at what he did, if you look at all of the lies – the tremendous lies – if you look at all that’s going on, I think James Comey has got a lot of problems.”

The tremendous lies. Spacer.


Ha! This is nuts.