*      shocked   face   *


Hook, line and sinker


i suspect the damage to their nuclear test site is not as bad as they suspected, so they’re back to playing silly buggers.


I wonder who Idiot Jnr could possibly have been calling :thinking:


Maybe trump will remember. Oh sorry i forgot he’s too busy playing golf to meet mueller.


Or maybe he remembered what happened to Gaddafi after Libya gave up their nuclear program.



Just their testimony, unfortunately they were not under oath, so can;t be screwed against a wall if proven to be lying.


So much corruption, these duckers wgerent in the White House yet and they were taking bribes for policy. So much for draining the swamp.



Ignorant & Dangerous language - I hate this ignorant but racist:


Powerful stuff from Tillerson … I wonder who he is talking about



Not usual a fan of the press hounding people like this but will always make an exception for racist pricks like this

The original offence


Yeah this mob social media thing is the way to go! Kudos. Would you have an address or cell number so maybe we can call him or even call around?

This is the kind of thing that makes social media great …


SO trump disclosed the payment to stormy Daniels a year late … diesnt mention any other payments …


… and more of it …


Is this it?


If by it you mean more sleeze, then yes, yes it is. If you mean will he be led out in handcuffs tomorrow, then sadly no. But failure to disclose these payments is actually a felony and he repeats the same pattern of covering up which we have seen with daniels and the russian spy meeting. Deny everything until it is proven otherwise, then change your story endlessly until you settle on something that can’t be disproven and hopefully is not illegal.