I think you gotta give trump credit for North Korea turnaround…without getting ahead of ourselves.

It is funny to watch mainstream media including Irish media push this news down the list and try pick holes in it…to them a porn star scandal is of more interest and outrage.


You do not think the Presidents personal attorney receiving payments from a Russian Oligarch (among st other corporations) via an obscure LLC is newsworthy?

Seems like the kind of corrupt behavior that a light should be shined on by the ‘mainstream’ media.



Nixon did some good with China. That did not excuse his corruption.

South Korea are pushing for peace with the North. Donald is just rolling along with them.


Yep the South along with the Chinese have pushed this. Sure he’s gutted the State Department ffs.

This could still blow up in his face (if you pardon the expression)


The North Koreans are playing a long game, while Trump is looking for a quick win, which he has got. It was reported that a recent underground nuclear test might have destroyed North Korea’s main test site, prompting their change in approach. It was also reported that Kim Jong Un met the Chinese premier in China, I doubt it was for decoration tips.

Nixon was a criminal, and a traitor as anybody who has seen the recent Vietnam documentary will know, but he would walk rings around Trump in terms of political nous.


The chinese media have reported that his test site has basically collapsed, possibly taking out a good chunk of his nuclear capability. Might explain the sudden change of heart. = buy some time. Very much doubt it has anything to do with Trump’s petty rocket man tactics but no doubt he’ll big up his part in it. a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Still doesn’t excuse the car crash that is his administration, his ever changing story about the potentially illegal hush money, his lawyers being paid large sums of money by russians close to putin, his constant dictator like attacks on the free press, his refusal to criticise putin, his blocking of sanctions, his attacks on the meuller investigation, his obstruction of justice etc etc etc



This is a US senator



Classless ■■■■■


■■■■ this guy.


It’s the Trump effect: he’ll singlehandedly recast George W Bush as a dignified statesman, beatify Hillary Clinton; and make every Republican loon look normal.


Merely coincidental I’m sure


A vile vile person


Feck sake. Disgusting if true.


He still hasn’t mentioned the unarmed man who fought off the Waffle House shooter. The racism is strong with this one.


Aka 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?




This sums him up


Fake News!

No way is he that dumb even by his standards