Pity his old man didn’t pull out all those years ago



Knew he’d pull out of the Iran deal, he’s such a damn blowhard.





Jaysus if his lawyer is being directly funded by Russians … well it would sink any normal president



Trump must have connections with companies selling arms, etc to Israel and Saudi Arabia?


Those quotes are real? … surely that’s a pisstake?

Possibly but the price of oil has gone through the roof, so you can bet buddies of his are happy.


This would be the same Oliver North who helped covertly sell arms to the Iranians in the 1980s…


It seems trumps lack of self awareness, lack of having any sense of shame and/or decency is rubbing off on people.




Oh man, the corruption is rampant. not surprisingly to be fair, but so blatant.



No wonder they were shitting themselves when Cohen was raided. So much corruption.



Again this is Oliver ‘Helped sell arms covertly to the Iranians’ North speaking here


There’s a serious lack of shame in USA politics. That f**ker should be keeping a low profile.


Except of course for the guy that came back in a vegetative state and died after having the crap kicked out of him by the "Nice North Koreans "

Fucking moron.


I’m sure it’s not lost on the Iranians the difference having nuclear arms makes in how you are treated by the US.