stormy and her lawyer are trolling the bejaysus out of trump & co.


the latest scandal is that trump hired an israeli company to research and try to find dirt on obama officials who were involved in the iran deal. it’s never ending.



It’s a fair point


Rudy Giuliani said Donald Trump may not comply with a federal subpoena. And he may plead the Fifth. And there may be other payoffs to other women.

And then Giuliani … just kept going.




Or, as southpaw on twitter puts it:

Col. Oliver North, an illicit international arms trader convicted of obstructing congressional investigations and destroying documents, will be the next president of the NRA.


They really are disgusting


Might want to start with your husband first


"For sheer entertainment value, it was difficult not to marvel at the part of the interview in which Giuliani seemed to refer to his own comments as “rumors.”


I find it hard to believe that RG is any sort of fool. Just saying. Does it not make people wonder why?


And the funny thing is, they’ve had worse presidents in their time.

And I don’t mean ha ha funny. :roll_eyes:


Going senile is my bet. Doubt he’s playing some sort of 3d Chess


Well, this piece by Last Week Tonight doesn’t exactly paint him in the best light. Basically dealing well with the aftermath of 9/11 covered up a whole host of sins.



The man clearly has no grasp of negotiating and maintaining peace. The most dangerous man to have lived since Hitler.


He has taken USA out of the agreement? What a complete c0ck!


Who’d have thought a man who’s gone bankrupt 6 time including once as a result of a Casino was a bad negotiator.


He’s got to learn that you don’t pull out of things without a consequence … :smirk: