On the media. I find it gas journalists on Twitter encouraging nay admonishing people to buy newspapers. Have they considered why people turned away from the ‘mainstream media’ and has this then been addressed? Mostly the same journalists commending or at least ‘liking’ the ‘bravery’ of INM’s reporting of the recent data breach. Mad disconnected shit.



Hoo boy


… and yet, nothing happens. Trump will start to obstruct again, it’s only a matter of time.


It’s funny alright that everything is called into question and all media has a certain bias, eg even the BBC are supposed to be unbiased but their refusal to give any real coverage to the whole leave Brexit campaign cheating is bias by omission.

But what qualifies as MSM exactly? Do the tabloids count? They’re basically rags with extreme right-wing views on things, the Telegraph is a broadsheet version of the same, the guardian a left-wing version - but you can’t trust some dodgy blog you find off of twitter anymore then you can trust the daily hail.

at least with the MSM papers you know what bias you are dealing with and take that into account - the problem is when the likes of Fox just make nonsense up and pretend it is news. That goes beyond mere bias into dangerous territory imho. You are talking state TV/propaganda. the Rags in the UK are probably as bad but don’t reach as many people.



Totally. And the idiots that uncritically take their lead from whatever form of media are just that, idiots. I suppose I think ‘they’ - both the ‘old’ media and political class/ commentariat - are failing to understand that their behaviour (directly/ indirectly) has brought us to ‘fake news’/ Trumpism/ Brexit etc. (On ‘fake news’, and taking just an Irish perspective - there is a considerable amount of stuff being confirmed nowadays about what occurred during the 1970s/ 80s in the north for example, stuff that was written about in a small few publications but ignored or buried by the main media outlets. Likewise what the Catholic Church were up to, some guards, other scandals etc. The news we were receiving wasn’t always the truth, certainly not the full extent of it, and definitely a censored version. They created the space for this phenomenon.)



Fucking Idiots


Ridiculous stuff from nbc. Adds to the fake news narrative, like you say, they’ll ignore the retraction now and shit on about this for months.

70 subpoenas pending. That’s a lot of people! No wonder this is painfully slow



how can you have a pardon in a republic? so much for the rule of law and everyone is equal.


Legal doesn’t always mean right, and illeagal is not always wrong either


Shouldn’t be up to one person to decide though. By all means allow a president to reopen a case but to just let someone off is ridiculous.


That’s probably how it works in normal circumstances, however with the current incumbent all bets are off



  *    Beep Beep Beep Beep   *


Nope. The President (any President) has the right to pardon. They all do it. Here’s Obama’s list if you’re interested.


It’s crazy.


Not even in the top 100 crazy things about this place


Good Christ he definitely has learning difficulties


SNL be packin’ some serious heat.