The problem with lies Is it’s hard to stay on the same page, little wonder trump keeps losing lawyers (Cobb leaving next)




He’d be safer here



Rudy delivering the goods :clap:


So Rudi’s a stalking/trojan horse?


Nope just a fucking idiot like the rest of them


He did say he’d wind up the investigation in 2 weeks … i didnt realise it was by incriminating trump more then trump manages to do, which takes some doing!


That’s it just keep digging that hole Rudy


Genius this is not.

This is the same guy who claims Hilary Clinton never went to ground zero, despite numerous photos of her there. These guys just talk crap and get away with it, they can go on fox and spout rubbish unchallenged. It’s a shambles.


A walking disaster zone more like.


Not just photos of her at Ground Zero but photos of her right beside him



The real issue is the misinformation and propaganda spouted by ‘media’ channels like fox and breitbart. They aren’t news channels but they pretend to be. Really it’s just right wing propaganda. They make absolutely zero attempt to be subjective & essentially lay the ground work for the conspiracy theories which trump invents to excuse his ridiculous behavior. The way he calls any media which criticizes him “fake news” and more recently his attacks on the FBI and department of justice.

They (trump, GOP & right wing media) are threatening the democratic institutions and the rule of law. Dangerous times. if this mobster gets his way he’ll do a putin and start throwing his political opponents in jail as well as journalists. (Has mentioned both). He has also mentioned a purge of the DOJ.


I think the bigger issue is there is so little trust in their politicians and political system generally that people believe their shit, or at least find it plausible.


I genuinely think that can be attributed to Fox spouting this nonsense for decades. keep repeating this bullsh1t and people will swallow it. They have laid the groundwork to setup an environment where it almost like an alt reality. It’s not a difference of opinion or a slight bias, which is fair enough, it is all out attack anything the democrats do and excuse anything GOP do. It’s making an absolute arse of that country.

The whole obama birther thing, the pizzagate thing, all of this stuff is just bananas.


And then you also have gerrymandering, where elected officials redraw their districts to all but guarantee that they will be re-elected.
Granted the Democrats can be guilty of this too but it is far more widespread amongst Republicans.

Could you imagine Leo redrawing his constituency to only include his voters? And I mean literally excluding certain houses on the same street.

The Republicans recognize the changing demographics of the country and they are going down swinging.


That will certainly get Donnie’s attention. “Don’t forget the car keys, Melania!”.


Even if he is nailed to the wall with evidence you will have fox and their talking heads saying what a sham the investigation is and undermining the rule of law, that’s if they even manage to get that far, the corruption is at a level i’ve never seen before.

how are they allowed redraw the maps to gerrymander ffs - land of the free me hole.


Some of it can be attributed to Fox etc but not all of it, and what was usually attractive to a lunatic fringe cohort is now getting traction with a large minority/ almost a majority of voters. Somebody tweeted recently enquiring how strong is (US) democracy when it can be undermined by a few posts and likes on mostly obscure or patently obviously hostile Facebook pages. I think there is a lot in that, a lot of commentators are focusing on Trump/ the alt-right etc without asking how and why this came about.


Yea agree, although I do think that in time, unrestricted, unregulated and unmonitored social media advertising will be proven to be very effective in terms of swaying undecided voters.

But you are right, the whole environment has got so toxic that someone likentrjmp can come along and win.

It’s lthe equivalent of Danny Healy Rae becoming Taoiseach - god forbid.