He’s the fat ugly one.


And the good looking one would be…:thinking:


That is very good :laughing:


Not in the photo


I’d love to see this as part is 24 hours in police custody


Totally normal


This is like a feckin TV series at this stage.

Except it’s not entertaining. it’s democracy being undermined in the so called ‘land of the free’ .


Gop are trying to impeach rod



"healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency” that sentence is 100% trump. the vanity, the bragging, the bullshit perfectly encapsulated in one big horseshite of a lie. Oh and of course pointless as well.


Eh, what? You mean trump has been lying all along :joy:

With a legal team like this etc


What a lawyer! :thinking:


This is Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani on air with Donald Trump’s other attorney Michael Cohen’s other client Sean Hannity, and he has managed to admitted that Trump and Cohen conspired to commit several felonies. Outstanding work. Imagine these people under hostile interview.


Ha, that is outstanding, those people are idiots. And it really shows the absurdity of it all when people like that can get into power.



Fucking hell these lads would be dangerous if they had a brain between them


Had to watch that 4 times before I could believe it wasn’t an SNL sketch.

Am still half expecting Melissa McCarthy or Tina Fey to pop out of the woodwork.


Hannity nearly shat himself.


… or the shit nearly Hannitied itself?



That’s a real ‘hold my beer’ moment.