Shut your North and South.


Go Donny Go!



Proving once again what an ignorant fat oaf he is


He’d be dead if he wasn’t a sportsperson


For those wanting to give Donnie credit for NK here’s a tweet from August last year


This didn’t go down too well…for some :grin:



Bunch of precious fucks. Maybe they should stop being a bunch of lying ignorant pricks and they wouldn’t be getting absolutely roasted. It’s the least these scumbags should be getting


Lot of blow back from this all day . Its nice for once to see them genuinely upset about something . This has struck a nerve .


Jesus. What comedians think of her, is the least of SHS’s problems. :roll_eyes:



this liberal v conservative polarisation in the USA is really not healthy. they just deride each other all the time with more and more shrill memes and messaging.


Moreso on the conservative side though where all they seem to be interested in is “triggering” and “owning” the libs.

Tweet above actually nails it for me. Genuine concerns are raised about Neo Nazi’s and Republicans make light of it. The slightest joke is made about Republicans and they have an absolute meltdown


Trump still hasn’t mentioned the waffle house shooting or the guy who fought off the gunman. it is because they are black? (answer: yes, yes it is).

I don’t really care about Republican v dem generally. I just can’t effing stand trump or anything he stands for. He’s not really a Republican, he’s a nut case (enabled by some very dubious republicans). His war on the media is genuinely dangerous.


None so blind … :wink:


It’s like when people say “ya can’t say anything horribly abusive about ethnic minorities anymore…”


Morocco is going to end up getting the WC because this stupid prick can’t keep his pie hole shut and stop sounding like a Mafia henchman


Sick burn here


Jesus Christ…

  • slow clap *


Remind me which one he is again?