I couldn’t have putt it better myself.


How thoughtful

Doubt there’s many other husbands out there who’d get away with this without having a stiletto heel lodged in the back of their head


The fat prick has played golf more than any other president. Which in itself wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t used to attack obama anytime he golfed. He literally has no sense of hypocrisy/shame.


The photo of Trump leading Macron by the hand.




Trump made a proper tit of himself on fox yesterday, rang in and made some proper legal blunders. He’s not smart.


I would pay so much money to watch him under oath. He’d be perjurying himself from the very first word


Oh please do go on more often. Hosting himself on his own petard bit by bit


Think its a great idea . You ever see the documentary , The Jinx .

"Durst, 75, the enigmatic subject of the popular HBO documentary “The Jinx,” was charged with the murder of Susan Berman in 2015, a day after that broadcast aired its final episode.
In the closing minutes of “The Jinx”, Durst, the heir to a New York real estate fortune, is heard muttering to himself off-camera, “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

Just waiting for a moment like this with Trump


The fact that it was the hosts who were the ones ending the interview was remarkable.


Murdoch apparently rang into Fox and ordered them to end the interview


Nice going dipshit


I find it ironic that the organization that gave Russia and Qatar the World Cup think Trump’s stupid tweet is any kind of an issue.


Rex Tillerson, Trump’s former Secretary of State, didn’t call him ‘a fucking moron’ for nothing.


Indeed. A morally bankrupt organisation.


Trump brought Korea together - amazing man.



China probably pissed off with Kim acting the bollox. He was there a few weeks ago and presume they put the tightners on him there. Trump couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery ffs