Remember this from January when hannity was locked out of twitter for a few hours, some woman setup a fake hannity temp account and fooled assange … so much corruption, so little time!


This was never going to fly


Oh dear Donald :joy:


These are nice people


Stormys Lawyer is the Lawyer Donnie thinks he has but obviously doesn’t

Also reckons Cohen will be indicted within 90 days and will flip within 6 months at the latest


Is he saying what I think he’s saying :thinking:


someone pointed out that;-

yer mans church has only 35 members in it

he has been living in turkey for almost 40 years

donny the dumb

and yes he is saying what you think he is saying lol


Hayley also hit back after being accused of mispeaking in relation to the Russia sanctions. Wouldn’t be surprised if she resigns at some stage this year and then challenges Trump for the nomination in 2020 ( Assuming Donnie hasn’t been taken down by then)





Wrecking my head trying to figure out the reference , Die Hard :laughing:


Not the first time Macron has neutralised Trumps “Alpha” handshake :grin:


So it was this and not the hootin and hollerin from Donnie that was the reason for NK’s announcement last week. Colour me shocked


he has already said he’ snot giving up his nukes. he’s as erratic as the dandruff cleaner.


Of course he’s not he’s not an idiot. He saw what happend to Gadaffi


Macron addressed a joint session of Congress today


Green with envy?




Sounds like Mr West has been on the skittles again.


Kanye not leave me … I mean him alone