This could be a bigger problem than Russia for Trump. Cohen is likely in danger of being charged at state level which Trump cannot pardon. They could have huge leverage against Trump and force Cohen to flip.



So there are reports that they found evidence that Cohen went to Prague? Just like the dossier said that’s when the collusion started with the Russians. Cohen has vehemently denied having gone to Prague in 2016, even testifying to congress. Oh dear! :roll_eyes::joy:


Kyle griffin is fucked when Trump loses The POTUS gig. who the hell is going to tweet about then? Kevin spacey?


That’s a very well-put-together piece, I’d like to read more from that guy. At the risk of being merely flippant, can we now say that finally, this could actually be IT?

The article below that one, about the restaurant, is very interesting also.


Ranting and raving on twitter again this morning. Obviously not being allowed out to the golf course then the poor baby



We are living in dengerous times. The war in Syria is a proxy war between the West and Russia and her allies.

Such wars have been going on for decades. The escalation in Vietnam was justified by the gulf of Tonkin incident which was in recent years debunked as a false flag operation.

Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction. Trump claimed to be anti war but seems to have changed his tune so maybe “they” have sometime on him…the US president is just a puppet for the big corporations and military industrial complex anyway.

As for Putin…he seems to have a lot of cheerleaders in this country but make no mistake this guy is dangerous. Some research will show you this.


THE president is a puppet of putin.


I blame the stone masons. ■■■■■.


You sure you’re not mixing the Freemasons up with the Stonecutters :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I blame them as well! :slight_smile: great episode of the simpsons btw!


Greatest ever episode IMO never tire of watching that one


Trump is justifying his military budget.


Trump is incapable of justifying anything … especially himself.


It must be true, even Dub09 has stopped supporting him!