It appears some nutcase has got his hands on Donald Trump’s Twitter account!


Thank god for nulcear weapons


He got his tax break


The Russians are saying there’s no sign of chemical weapons having been used. They suggest that the children suffering in the video footage are actors.

They’re taking the piss at this stage.


Well I mean if the Russians say it didn’t happen it obviously didn’t happen…


Can’t we blame MI5 on this?


Ha, eventually.
Worth waiting for.


Must be time for yet another Royal Wedding!!!


Or a Royal assassination.


They have form for this. Craziest fucks on the planet


Go fùck yourself Paul we don’t want you here


This is definitely one person we don’t want to “claim”.


Yes , arm the teachers


Excellent 8 part series about Watergate. Some of the similarities with now are striking

(Podcasts are in most recent order)


That’s your avatar ? The two guys involved ?


It is indeed. More toungue in cheek though. Changed to it after someone said me and @Tayto were the Woodward and Bernstein of Res Dubs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought they said ye were like Waldorf and Statler?!



That not ye and @Rochey :thinking:


No - we’re Wallace and Gromit.


haha i missed that.