i wish but i doubt it. I think he’s going to try firing Meuller at some point. The GOP might not do anything. not sure what happens then.


It’s inching closer. Painfully slowly.


Today both Trump and liarbee Saunders both said trump can fire meuller if he so chooses


Except of course that he can’t. Only Rosenstein can do it and if won’t he has to fire Rosenstein until he gets to someone who will a la Nixon during the Saturday Night massacre when Elliot Richardson AG and William Rucklehaus Deputy AG both resigned as they weren’t willing to follow Nixons order and fire the Speical Counsel as they had given Congress assurances they wouldn’t during their confirmation hearings. Solicitor General Robert Bork was the one who eventually fired him didn’t stop the investigation though in the end


Don’t know the historical precedent too well


Were any of their actions punctuated?



It looks bad. Was going to fix it but couldn’t arsed :grin:


Is that a quote from another Trump tweet?

    *  sound of a pig squealing  *


That’s poor @GuyIncognito … even for you lad.



Couple of practically empty airfields again like last time presumably when the Syrians mysteriously knew which bases were going be hit and moved their aircraft :thinking:


Better be or the 5 in a row will be very difficult.


I just hope he finishes on the toilet soon …


Cheeseburgers and constipation, defintelty a connection there.


Rats deserting a sinking ship.


Scumbag. A real grade A asshole


Ah stop, Beeko is sound!


These things just have to be said I’m afraid


Is it because Gilroy wants him to concentrate more on the free taking?