Th Chinese have carefully selected trump supporting industry for tariffs. Trump thinks it’s easy to win a trade war? Not when you have to get re-elected and the otter guy is basically a dictator.


I thought that the chinese were buying US Debt as a deal for no shitting around with trade? what’ll happen if the chinese retaliate in that way? Besides, I cant see the big US manu companies enjoying having to explain why their previously cheasp stuff now is twice as much because of this as the bits are made in china. God knows how much iphones could cost if trump forced apple to make them all in the states.

then again, this is the man who didnt know where he lived the other day.


This is the crux of the matter. He think a trade deficit means the other country owes him something, whereas you’re really just getting them to make your cheap shit.



Only Donald trump would think that dumbass haircut is better than a shaved head.

The gop are in for some drubbing


Kimmel & Hanity going at it big time tonight . Been going on for hours if you follow the timeline tweets


Sad :nauseated_face:




BBC reporting it also.


Partly focused …


Never good when your law talkin guy has his office raided :joy:

Man died in a fire in trump tower the other day, no sprinkler system, no smoke alarm.


Thank goodness for the rapidity of the investigation and conclusive findings. Hard to believe there would be no sprinkler system or smoke alarms in 2018 but thankfully these things have been uncovered …


Doesn’t take much to discover a sky scraper has no sprinkler system when the developer fought fire regulations which would have made them a legal requirement. In any normal country …,


So nothing illegal then?


Nope. not this time. In America, you can cut corners and risk human life legally. Land of the free etc.

His lawyer being raided is funny though. Comes days after Trump denied knowing anything about the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels. Landing Cohen in the shitter and also rendering any NDA obsolete. He’s a genius.



Is this it?


It’s another falling domino let’s put it that way. Getting closer and closer to Donnie.

Cohen is/was basically his ‘Tom Hagen’