Cambridge Analytica up to their necks Int both elections, illegally as it happens, and Aron banks etc have denied their involvement all along. It’s all connected and very, very dodgy.


Stop the world … I wanna get off …


Yeah? But what was the score a few weeks back when Dublin played Ke… ah… never mind.




A story in 3 acts


The right-wing media in that country really need to take a step back. They seem to have completely lost sight of any dignity or acceptable norms.



This is the guy who had an affair with a singer while his missus was pregnant. A real chip off the old block.



What a petulant man child constant name calling. He’s being pulled up on his shit for the first time in his life and his tiny little brain can’t handle it


Funny how he only quotes the most favorable polls - and ignores all the others. as you’d expect with el’snowflake.

The GOP lost a special election last week in a district that trump won by 20 points. That’s a 20 point swing to the Democrats. November is going to be carnage unless Putin and the boys can pull off a miracle, and i doubt Putin gives a monkeys at this stage he has sown chaos in the west.


Another lawyer caught lying


This is going well


Can’t believe a guy like this could go bankrupt 6 times and find it hard to get credit from US banks :thinking:


China manufactures relatively cheap goods to export to the US. The US manufactures relatively expensive goods to export to China. I don’t see how he can’t see how there is always going to be a natural trade deficit.

Although this comes from the man who continuously claimed that there was a deficit with Canada while stating that he didn’t know and just guessed it where in reality its the other way around


He also seems to be under the impression that a trade deficit means China owes the US that money.

Fucking moron. Not hard to see why he’s gone bankrupt on numerous occasions


HE also thinks free post offered by amazon means amazon are not paying the us postal system. He is one dopey bollox.


Amazon and the Washington Post are owned by the same person hence the attack’s.
Trump says whatever comes into his head and his supporters take it as fact, ‘cause he’s off d’telly


But of course