Donnie is trying to play draughts when the others are playing Chess


Does Kyle Griffin have a real job or does he just spend his whole life tweeting anti Trump bias? Hardly healthy. Sad.


He’s a journalist. Or sound I say he works for buzzfeed


Consistently surprised at how little people care about this


Last time I asked that question I was told to do 2 clicks to find out. At least Tayto was ‘sound’ about it!


So he has managed to fire one witness, days before he retires, depriving him of his pension (witness tampering & intimidation), his lawyer says the meuller investigation should be shut down (despite numerous indictments & guilty pleas). He is going to try to shut this down again, meuller subpoenaed the trump organization during the week. Donald is getting desperate.


Also all of this. It stinks to high heaven.



It’s funny because he pretty much reports what is going on without comment, if it seems anti-trump it’s because there’s so much madness going on.


Facebook did nothing about the stats breech which Cambridge Analytica used to target voters

This journalist broke the story (thanks to a whistle blower) yesterday - 30billion off the share price in a few hours. Ouch!!!


Ooooffftt $30bn that’s got hurt somewhat







*sorry if you work for them.



Jaysus :open_mouth:


She’s done some work on that, it’s a very significant story.


Facebook’s actions not exactly those of someone that’s completely innocent


Astonishing. Blatant disregard for their users/customers.


Does this mean what I think it means?