Democrats on the house intel investigation didn’t know it was ending as recently as yesterday morning. the level of corruption is frankly mind boggling. I’d say Putin is laughing himself to sleep every night.




We’ve gone up several gears of crazy here or what?



this is just gone beyond silly now. seriously. another guy sacked because he is being investigated for financial crimes.


The Russian embassy in the Uk twitter account


Oh no how terrible :tada:


Cut a deal manny, oh and don’t eat out.




Another republican district looks like flipping blue. This is a Republican district which trump won by 20 points where Ryan has spent millions trying to hold and is over 90% white


Also a district that was heavily gerrymandered by the GOP to favour them



Trump won this district by 20+ points but yeah a 20+ point swing isn’t a blowout.


probably a seat that will be rerun in November with new district lines to combat gerrymandering


they’re doing something about the gerrymandering?



It’s a start, just in Penn?


Just in Penn for the moment but similar cases in South Carolina and other states AFAIK




It’s like waiting for a punch line . I couldn’t stop watching it .


This. This stuff here. Fascinating how they are trying to shape (shaping) public opinion