Free at last …


So happy for him and all the fam. Now he can get back to MAGA … and world peace with NK.


This is the investigation led by Devin ‘obstruction’ nunes? I was sure that one was going to find absolutely nothing.


The gop really are shameless


What I find really interesting about this picture is that Trump (who is the master of the small-penis-power-pull-handshake) goes full submissive to Putin’s palm down overlord maneuver.

Is this enough evidence for the courts?


the house intel never interviewed George popadop, you know, the guy who has pled guilty to lying to the FBI and who is now a cooperating witness. or manafort. Or flynn. It’s really like someone running the committee did not want to find anything.


Looks like Donnie isn’t happy about Russia being bad mouthed by Rex


Go Donny go!!


Aren’t the opposition providing their own report ?


I think they provided a rebuttal to the Nunes memo where it was falsely stated that wiretaps were gained under false pretences.


Willing to bet Rex willing be getting a phone call off Bob Mueller soon now that he’s a private citizen again


Bob hasn’t gone away …


All happening today and it’s only 9:15am in Washington


Yep no way is it a coincidence given Rex’s comments yesteday


you’re not allowed blame russia rex …


oh, you beat me to it … man oh man, this is just batshit cray cray.




This is getting to obvious. And the damage being done will be felt for generations.


Apparently he knew on Friday he was fired but it’s a hot take nonetheless.


WH are the ones claiming he was fired on Friday. Tillerson’s people saying otherwise