On a serious note. This is a total set up by NK and others and of course his Orangeness is walking straight into it.


The very best people


Glad he drained the swamp wha!


Ehhhhhhh … no


The Special Counsels office when they were told of the “offer”:


Do what you may tomorrow DT but remember …

KERRY 0-11



Are you sure you are on the wagon for lent?


Na , that’s proper pissed spamming right there . Cooper must be buying the rounds :laughing:


Lads … I’m 50+ and have enjoyed many Boys in Blue days … but cannot recall hitting them for 12!! Rejoice!


We beat them by 11 in a league final 2 years ago which actually meant something :laughing:


I’ve been laughing at this the last 15 minutes.

Of course the good lady asked “what is so funny ?”

I tried to explain.

Jebus, I didn’t marry her for her appreciation of comedy.



… and yet the bible bashers still back trump. even trhough he cheated on his wife just after she gave birth to their son. He has cheated on all of his wives and lied his arse off trying to cover up. Paying all sorts of hush money (some of it potentially illegally). Sordid disgusting creep. Hopefully mrs Daniel proves him to be the liar he is. #dickpics #stainonadress



She’s a very witty and intelligent person it seems. Well able for all the idiotic people tweeting at her


Seems well able for the right wing troll brigade anyways.


I think Piers Morgan’s tweet was meant for Jamie Carragher.


That’s brilliant from her. I think I’m in love!


That can’t be how it works, surely?


May be the case over there . I’m sure he can decline the offer though but if nothing was signed …