Ah lads FFS … if we can’t have objectivity …

Sacha Baron Cohen just wrote Theresa May a cheque for 150,000 Kazakhstan bitcoins…


Roughly translated as “But, Mr President, we will lose our seats here!”


Yep nothing puts the wind up a politician more than the prospect of losing his seat


thats lousy. Sarah is one of my secret crushes, if i ever meet that guy he’ll get a bloody nose.

then sarah will run away with me…:grinning::star_struck::heart_eyes:


Another one gone. The turnover is unreal


Sure thing Donnie (First tweet is before the resignation was announced)


What goes round …

Can’t believe ye didn’t hop off this one boys. Standards are slipping …




President Dennison



She has photos of his schlong


Only I reckon its more schlittle in his case hence the bag of spuds he carries on his shoulder



Stone is a horrible ■■■■. Was involved in shenanigans for Nixon during Watergate as well





Lock him up!!!


Jesus Christ

How the ■■■■ does he still have his lawyers


Oh things are going great with his lawyer. New York Times reported yesterday that this happened

On top of that he’s going to start s trade war with the Eu & China. Which finally has the gop up in arms.



Mueller almost has too much to investigate, these guys have, at best, sailed close to the wind on so many different issues/ways. At worst they’re guilty of a whole slew of stuff, but proving this stuff is a different kettle of fish. like the old blue collar v white collar crime. Lads looting lidl are a lot easier to catch & prosecute then dodgy bankers.