Is that real? Can’t see the Eu responding like that.


I can. I’m no politico, but it’s obvious the amount of disdain held for DT amongst the various parties across Europe. I’d say a trade war with the US would be welcomed widely! I’d say the US would view this as a war and support for DT would increase tenfold!


It’s Canada and China who stand to really lose out on these tarriffs. Oh, and the UK.

I can imagine the EU saying it will retaliate but selecting the industries like that seems a bit ott.

seems they did tho

2 days ago trump was going to take guns off people and carry out due process afterwards. then he met the NRA and has changed his mind. Apparently these tarrifs were not planned, so, he’s winging it again. Dangerously erratic at this stage.




White House in lockdown after shots fired …


Ah don’t get my hopes up


DT busy firing shots in Florida.



Sounds like Jared’s about to get fucked under the bus


This is not good


Not good for anybody … nothing to gain in tit for tat trade wars


Ah say it ain’t so? I like my Wild Turkey!


Making it up as he goes along.


Another potentially huge swing away from the gop on the cards


Inching closer to trump. Apparently this guy is giving coked up interviews on us tv



Well I’ll be damned. They’ve found an even bigger nutcase/idiot than Carter Page


Any day now … :smirk:


Have to be patient dubby niney